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Has life handed me my last chapter?

In November, just after my birthday, and after eight months of dealing with progressively crippling bone pain, I was handed the medical diagnosis of breast cancer that had metastasized into my bones. This is a mother fucker because for months … Continue reading

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Time marches on — eventfully

A thought I’ve been having lately is how much has happened both on the world stage and in my personal life since Tom died in early 2012. I live day to day, week by week and don’t think much is going on. … Continue reading

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Trying to psyche out a holiday funk

Damn the holidays. Heading into my third holiday season as a widow, I’m still struggling to enjoy the traditions of Christmas and the celebration of a new year. To add to my Yuletide anxiety this year are the memories of … Continue reading

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The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Ben Folds and Me

I recently had a notion to see singer songwriter Ben Folds when I learned he was coming to my city. I’ve liked him for years for his catchy, clever, sometimes dark, and quirky pop tunes. But I respect him even more for his … Continue reading

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Dealing with keepsakes from a happy marriage

  Lately I’ve been going through Tom and my keepsake boxes. These nondescript, plastic bins have been sitting in the cold, damp cellar of the basement for nearly 30 years. Recently, two and half years after Tom died, I figured … Continue reading

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From widow to comfortably single – a slow evolution

I’m starting to become comfortably single. I don’t think about people seeing me as alone or the poor widow anymore. I don’t see myself that way so much. I’m not focused on living alone or eating alone. Most of the … Continue reading

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Widows’ choice: Twice divorced, never married or widowed?

By now, some might say I’m giving a little too much thought to this online dating stuff. I don’t want this to turn into a blog on dating; I think there is enough of those already. But at this stage … Continue reading

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Grief leads to a broken heart — literally

(I took this blog down as I thought it was getting published elsewhere. I first posted it here in mid-April). But that didn’t work out, so I’m re-posting it to keep it with the others. The problem is the blog … Continue reading

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Is the second year harder than the first?

About a year after Tom died, I felt a bit of relief from grieving. It was my goal to get through that first year, thinking I’d feel better afterward. Well, I felt the weight of the sadness lift and, shortly … Continue reading

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A bitter pill — dealing with sickness alone

I’ve had health issues most of my life – Type 1 diabetes at nine; ulcerative colitis at 17. These two challenging, genetic autoimmune diseases don’t make for a storybook childhood or an easy adolescence. They didn’t respond well to the … Continue reading

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