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Venting about relationships on a perfect summer night

I got socked in the gut the other day with a revelation from a guy I’ve been seeing for about three months. After hearing what was going on with him, I felt introspective and sad and wanted a strong drink. … Continue reading

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Nights out with the boys — my husband’s boys

For all our married years, Tom and I had scores of nights out together, but we also had nights out separately. I went out with girlfriends — to bars, movies, outings he had no interest in — while he went … Continue reading

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Widows’ choice: Twice divorced, never married or widowed?

By now, some might say I’m giving a little too much thought to this online dating stuff. I don’t want this to turn into a blog on dating; I think there is enough of those already. But at this stage … Continue reading

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Widowhood dating: You can’t make this stuff up

Many a widow or single woman has lamented the discomfort, distress and disappointment of dating after decades of being in a loving, comfortable relationship. I’m writing this column after a series of unfortunate circumstances that one evening led to a … Continue reading

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