From widow to comfortably single – a slow evolution

I’m starting to become comfortably single. I don’t think about people seeing me as alone or the poor widow anymore. I don’t see myself that way so much. I’m not focused on living alone or eating alone. Most of the time, I’m accepting it without feeling sad.

Maybe the biggest difference in recent months is the calmness and downright pleasure of staying home on a weekend night. Until recently, I would almost get in a frenzy as I inched forward to a weekend without plans on a Friday or Saturday night. The thought of staying home alone on a Saturday would make me sad all day and, if nothing came up, I’d end up crying like a baby. Pitiful I know, which spurred me to keep plans rolling every weekend. As long as I had plans, I was fine. No plans — bummed out.

Now I can stay home on a weekend night and keep my cool. I almost enjoy it, taking a long walk alone, plucking weeds from my yard, reading, watching a movie. The solitude is fine. No need to cry.

Tom died almost two and half years ago, and it’s getting harder to remember the small details of my lifestyle with him. I used to meal plan, usually when I got up. Now I rarely think about cooking. In fact, my house, which often smelled like pasta sauce or pork loin or chicken or soup, is starting to smell like the old house that it is — not stale exactly, but like a house without much activity or people around. When I get home from work, I walk into my house and the essence of the house’s odor hits me like I’ve never noticed before. I guess this is what happens to a house sparsely populated and rarely cooked in.

This will not prompt me to cook. I did it for about 28 years and don’t miss it. But on the rare occasion when I whip something up, I like the smell and the warmth of the food. I appreciate when my daughter comes home from school and makes soup or grilled cheese or eggs. That empty house smell goes away for awhile.

But I’m easily appeased. I can make a batch of popcorn in a pan on the stove and, voila, the house smells good. A cup of coffee — another comforting fragrance. Yeah, it doesn’t take much to satisfy me these days.

I guess in the widowhood world this is progress. This is learning to be single after almost three decades of coupling. This is healthy, and this is my new life.











About Marti Benedetti

I'm a longtime writer and a widow. I want to share my thoughts and experiences of being single in my 50s and beyond after being married to the same great guy and raising kids for 28 years. It's not the journey I signed up for, but the one I'm living with. I hope I can offer up some thoughts, chuckles and comfort for those in a similar boat.
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5 Responses to From widow to comfortably single – a slow evolution

  1. Sara says:

    Changing pace seems to be a theme that resonates with me at the moment. Two and a half years on with 2 beautiful young men, my sons, moving on successfully I hope, I am preparing to live alone full time. I am finding the that the pace of life shifts unpredictably;at times I’m swept along,in a crazy world that I don’t quite want connect into any more, at other times life moves unbearably slowly and I am prey to loneliness and more frustratingly boredom. Creative by nature I am slowly returning to the things that I love to do like dressmaking, which I find enormously rewarding. Its difficult to keep the energy levels up to finish projects though as there is no one to enjoy them but me. The sensible thing to do is to make things for others which I will get to…………….Sensible is not always the way to go though! There is a phase to go through though first which is to be self centred/indulgent for a bit; its all about working out who I am as a single person. Then the outward facing me can reappear, and I can return to making creating stuff for other people with joy.
    This post might sound a little sad, but its not……..I have chosen to slow the pace of life down and take stock a little, its scary but feels right. Up to now I have been kept busy by stuff that has been governed by the needs of others including work. Now I am giving myself time to think; the downside of this risks becoming morose, but the upside is finding a pace and new sense of me that I can begin to enjoy, rather than just doing things that are enjoyable.

  2. Thanks, karen. It is a good thing. I’ve made a lot of progress.

  3. Karen Mantyk says:

    It sounds like you are finding peace within yourself and I think that is really a good thing. It is better to go out and enjoy an evening out rather than feeling you have to get out. You still have a beautiful home and am glad you can start enjoying it again. I probably got to that point a little sooner as I still had my cat Charlie at home and couldn’t just desert him, so that responsibility kept me a little more grounded.

  4. It is positive and took some doing to get here. Thanks, Chris.

  5. Chris Dehoff says:

    Yay! Sounds very positive to me, Marti. It’s a giant step anyway!

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