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A bitter pill — dealing with sickness alone

I’ve had health issues most of my life – Type 1 diabetes at nine; ulcerative colitis at 17. These two challenging, genetic autoimmune diseases don’t make for a storybook childhood or an easy adolescence. They didn’t respond well to the … Continue reading

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To date (or not to date) — your decision

Are you are thinking about putting yourself out there after being with the same spouse for two or  three decades? Keep your expectations low, and brace for disappointment. I don’t mean to be too negative here. I know widows who … Continue reading

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Cry me a river

Before Tom died, I hardly ever cried. Even when he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, I didn’t cry much. He was crying a lot, and I felt had to be strong and positive, or he would have felt even … Continue reading

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Oldie but goodie New York Times story

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